Product Photography Props: How to Use Them Most Effectively

Product Photography Props

The use of props in product photography adds a new level of interest to the image. The user should do this act to make the idea more interesting. In general, it is good to photograph the main product against a white background with a few props to make it look more eye-soothing. The photographer should use a variety of props to provide context on how the user will use the goods. Using props for product photography helps draw customers’ attention. It will also describe how customers feel about their purchases. If you take photographs, it will assist you in increasing the sales of your products.

What are Product Photography Props

Product Photography Props

Before learning how to use props for photography, you’ll need to know what they are. Props are all objects in a certain scene that isn’t the main subject. It is often used to set the picture’s mood and tone. You can use anything as props like furniture, light, balloons, cars, books, toys, colorful origami, etc for photography. Props act like the charm of product photography as they make the image attractive. They can give some context and expand on the original point. It can also present a captivating story that entices buyers to buy a product.

How to Use Product Photography Props

Uses Product Photography Props

Knowing how to use props is essential for photography. When using these, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are a few things you should do.

  • A photographer should first choose a location or site.
  • Fix a pose for your product in your shot after you've chosen a location.
  • First, look into the background. If it's gloomy, add some color by incorporating colorful objects.
  • Make sure that the light is enough for taking the photograph.
  • You can use any objects that are relevant to the photographer's theme. Make sure the object is at a proper angle. You must do the angling carefully; otherwise, the props will ruin the picture.
  • Don't use just any random objects as a prop.
  • Simply click the shot when the product and props are in the right position. In this way, a photographer will learn how to use props for the perfect photography.

Choosing The Product Photography Props

Props are a fantastic addition to any photographer’s tool. However, a photographer should be familiar with props in product photography. There is no need to be concerned if you’re new to photography. Here are a few tips on choosing your props.

Use Common Objects

Common Objects as a Product Photography Props

You don’t have to panic as a photographer when selecting props for photographs. It is not necessary to utilize something fancy for product photography. It’s simple to use and utilize if you use ordinary objects. You can take beautiful shots with everyday items. You can utilize books that you have read, traditional furniture you use, and cell phones for posing, among other things. You can even use trees as photographic props. As a beginner, everyone should use common objects as props.

Use Colorful Objects

Colorful Object for Product Photography Props

When the main subject of photography is uninteresting or boring, colorful objects can be used as props. Bright and colorful objects such as balloons, balls, and flowers can add color to your product photography, making it better.

Use Natural Items

Natural Items for Product Photography Props

Another innovative idea is using natural items as props. Natural items such as sun, rain, thunder, snow, flowers, and many more can be used as props for products. These materials help a photographer take some of the best images if they apply their imagination. For landscape photography, a photographer can also use natural elements. Genuine and natural items are hard to find, but when you use them as props for products, the photography becomes a masterpiece.

Use Lights

For photography, an important element is lighting. The photograph will not be clear and up to par if it is not lighted properly. Use colorful lights, bulbs, lamps, and candles as props to provide better lighting for your products.

Use Props on Site

Use Props on Site

For portrait pictures, you can use props from the photography site that are available there. To do so, you’ll need to discover more materials to employ in site portraiture to place your model. Treat someone else’s property with respect if you use it. Inquire about renting an item for a brief period to utilize in your shot. You must ensure that you return it in the same condition you received it. This way, you’ll be able to capture some of your best photographs for your products.

Select The Props Carefully

When it comes to choosing props for the perfect product photography, you must be careful as a photographer. You shouldn’t pick it at random. You must carefully inspect the props before selecting them, and you must ensure that they complement your photos. As a result, you’ll be able to select the greatest props for your photos and make effective use of them.

Use Food Items

Food Items for product photography props

A photographer can use food products as props to take some of the best photographs. Any type of food can be utilized as a prop, including drinks, pastries, chocolates, cookies, and more. The images will have a different texture as a result of this.

When and Where Should A Photographer Use Props for Product Photography?

Many photographers are unsure when and how to employ props in their photos. They become perplexed at times, and they are wary of utilizing props to destroy the photographs. However, if a photographer chooses his props carefully, he can capture some of the best images when it comes to product photography. A photographer must first understand where to use props for product photography to make the best use and create the best photographs.

Props for Product Photography

A photographer doesn’t need to employ props until the setting is perfect. When the background is boring, it is essential to utilize props to improve the photograph. When there is an interesting background behind the products then it will give a good look to the products. The buyers will show interest to buy the products if there are props in the images.

Even when the background is suitable for photography, there is a sense that something is missing. As a result, photographers should add objects to spice up their shots. If they use props during photography, they will become better and more enjoyable and it will give a good texture to the products. Props work as a spice for photography to add interest in it.

Props should be used in your images when you want the images to be visually appealing and aesthetic. . It will become more attractive if you use an umbrella, lamp, a teddy bear, or some related objects in your photography.

The Sources Where A Photographer Can Get Props for Product Photography to Purchase Props

Props for Product Photography

This company has the best props for food-related photography. On camera, the fake cement backdrops appear to be real, and they provide depth to the images. Backdrops by Marbel are also available. You’ll find a wide choice of possibilities here. A tabletop shot in a “kitchen” shoot would be great with the subway tile backsplash that is available here. Their online store has hard props, which are great since you can stand them up, as well as thin props, which are just as good quality but much less expensive. to Buy Props

Props for Product Photography (6)

Another well-known site for photography props is You may print your background files on vinyl banners at home after receiving the files. It turns out to be a fairly affordable and quick process. This company has only lately begun producing and selling vinyl backgrounds. Their props are compact, lightweight, and easy to clean when not in use. It has a wide range of one-of-a-kind backdrops that are extremely interesting to experiment with. This is the place to go if you’re looking for something with a splash of color.

Photography Props From Etsy

A lot of people think of Etsy when they think of artisanal things and homemade gifts. Photographers can use this site to get linens, plates, bowls, and, yes, more photography backdrops for my food and product photos. Make sure to review the seller’s rating and customer reviews while you’re there. Make certain to place your order in advance. You might be stranded if you need props for a shoot in three days and Etsy isn’t Amazon Prime.

Local Shops to Buy Props

You can get props from a local shop close to your home. Keep the main focus and theme of your shot in mind when purchasing. You can buy whatever kind of props you want as props, such as flowers, balloons, showpieces, books, and so on. You can go to a grocery shop for props. Make an effort to include some aesthetic elements in your photography. It will provide some extra species to your photographs.

Antique Store for Props

Props for Product Photography (6)

In a positive manner, one can usually go and find some props in antique stores. You should try to go there with a positive mindset since it’s hard to buy just one item in a store like that. If you buy in quantity, old antique jewelry can be purchased as a cheap piece, and you can frequently find old wooden signs that could be converted as photography props and backdrops.

Why Use Product Photography Props

In photography, props are used to add characters, dramas, and interests to an image while also providing an explanation for the subject’s background. For example, conceptual photography, a style of photography, would fail if it lacked the accessories needed to turn an abstract concept into a compelling idea. There are various advantages to using props. You may utilize props to add a lot of energy, drama, emotion, and life to your photographs if you’re photographing a bunch of people, for example.

Props for Product Photography (6)

The user must carefully observe what is happening to their subject before deciding on the type of props that will aid them in their shooting. With Props, you may make amusing shots or images that are inventive, formal, or authentic by using the props of your choice. You may also employ the ideal location to give dramatic effects to your photos and generate strong emotions. Landscapes, wildlife, grasslands, gardens, and other natural settings can help you capture the subject’s charm.

Last Few Words

Finally, props are a valuable photography tool. To take the best shots of products, a photographer should use props. They must first learn why and where they should utilize the props, use them, and find the props. This article will give a photographer the most excellent advice on making the best use of product photography props.

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