Sell Your Photos Online And Make A Career!

Sell Your Photos Online

There are many lucrative businesses online, and the selling of photos stands out as one of the best known out there. Pictures and photography provide an essential aspect of the internet.

Without pictures, the internet would be nothing but blank text, which is why there is a considerable value. You might be wondering how you could start selling photos online and start earning immediately.

Allow us to elaborate on this and lay out the groundwork on how you can instantly start selling photos online.

Online Photos – A Growing Business

It may not appear to be so, but selling photos online is a business that has manifested itself as a necessity, whether for recreational purposes or to support the needs of the growing eCommerce market. As a result, photographers and graphic designers have expanded their operations to meet the requirements for photos online while the demand for photos online reaches a new zenith every month.

To keep up with this, the online photo selling platforms actively need more professionals to join in and provide them with pictures. There are quite a lot of agencies that seek to buy photos online.

However, before you start selling photos online, you’ll need to know how and where to start your career. Here we will dissect the online photo market to give you a clear idea about where you can start selling right away.

Different Ways to Sell Photos Online

We’ve already established the importance and the demand for pictures online since it is something that every website, social media platform, eCommerce store, and news portal needs.

Let’s break this down further and show you the possibilities of selling photos online. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional enthusiast, this will help you significantly to establish a solid career in selling pictures to online content providers

Online Image Marketplace

There are multiple platforms online that perform the sole task of providing images and videos for those who need them. It can be pictures, videos, or even text, and you can easily use this to your advantage. There are specific content providers that will allow you to sell your pictures online to businesses and individuals.

The content providers will connect you with the businesses or individuals looking for the photos that you sell; once they select the images, you will receive a certain amount of pay or royalty for the use of that photograph.

You could stand to benefit from the use of one picture over and over again. You’re already halfway there if you’re a photographer or have picked up photography as a hobby. Photographers stand to make the most from selling their photos online. It all depends on where you put your focus.

We will now discuss the five best online platforms that will enable you to sell your photos online. They are all renowned content provider platforms that require a high volume of pictures while paying well for each successful transaction.


If you’re even slightly into photography, then it is pretty evident that you’ve come across Shutterstock at least once. Shutterstock is one of the leading platforms that connect artists with clients.

Through their subscription program, artists can browse and download images from their website, and each time your image gets selected, you will receive a payment. Shutterstock is known to pay out a total sum of $1 billion annually to its photographers.

With a simple platform for image upload and organizing, Shutterstock is user-friendly and, with its recognition on the internet, allows its clients to get to you more frequently. If you’ve been struggling to make money online selling photos, Shutterstock will help you boost your career exponentially.

Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the most well-known names in the content provider industry, offering all sorts of content for every purpose. Their contributor program is designed to help amateurs and professionals sell photos online.

First, you will need to sign up and send samples, and if selected, you can start contributing; and. If your image gets selected and paid for, you will receive a percentage of the price while retaining your copyright.


Being one of the largest communities for aspiring and talented photographers, 500PX is the best place to showcase your photography skills. Get started right away and make your photo selling process a fun experience with 500PX.

You’ll enter a world of interactive photography where you will be assigned daily missions to amp up your strategy tremendously. You will eventually earn big and make a name for yourself through their consumer base that demands a large volume of excellent quality pictures every day.


If you’re looking to sell your images online and make money quickly, Crestock is the place for you. Their easy account creation and authentication steps make it a swift process for young and aspiring photographers to start selling their art.

Their image submission and keywording process allow for their images to get to clients very fast. The amount of pay for each photo will depend on this actual selling price, and it is an overall quick way to start making money through your content.


When you’re looking to make money, organize your photos while making a name for yourself and your trade, PhotoShelter should be the first image selling platform on your mind.

PhotoShelter allows its users to upload, organize, sell, and deliver high-resolution images to paying clients with ease. When you sign up with PhotoShelter, everything about it will feel professional and adequately managed.

Start your photography career with an organized platform like PhotoShelter, and you’ll be hugely kickstarting your operations.

Things to Know Before You Start Selling Photos Online

You’ve got your talent picked out, and you’re set to start selling photos online. However, there are still a few things you will need to know. Keeping this additional information in your mind will help you effectively sell pictures online.

Picking Your Style

Before you start, you will need to ascertain your photography or photo editing style to help you connect with the buyers. The buyers will have unique requirements from you, and they can be anything from having adjusted focus to lighting effects. Knowing your photography style will attract buyers that seek these specific attributes.

Selecting Your Area of Expertise

Picking a niche is just as important as your photography skills. You will need to focus your attention on a particular genre to get good at it first. If you start with wedding photography, you will need to pay your full attention to it to understand the essence behind this niche truly. If you want to become a product photographer, you’ll need to have entirely different skills that help you in this niche. Pick your place and advertise yourself to target audiences effectively.

Having Your Raw Images Edited

You can almost be sure that the raw pictures need editing if you’ve got pictures to sell. Raw images rarely make it to the mainstream media since the requirements for adequately edited photos rise every day. You could learn to edit and retouch your pictures by yourself or hire experts to have your images edited with a touch of professionalism.

Licensing Your Photos

Lastly, you will need to keep in mind that the pictures you are selling are your property. You will need to license them to legitimately start to make money by selling your photographs online effectively.


To sum it all up, selling photos online is nothing you can underestimate. It has made people rich and well known due to their individualistic photography and editing styles. The internet’s requirements for images will only keep increasing, and this is the perfect chance for aspiring photographers to capitalize on this and start selling their photos online immediately.

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