How to do Product Photography for Amazon

How to do Product Photography for Amazon

How long have you been looking for a proper guideline to do product photography for Amazon? There is a saying, “An image is worth a thousand words.” Are you in such a position where taking photos of your own Amazon products has become necessary, but finding an undoubtedly perfect way to do it seems like a tough job?

There is nothing more valuable than your time. Who doesn’t expect an equal or more than the equal output from the time invested in a project?

Needless to say, Amazon, being the most popular site to sell products, must require some specific conditions to be fulfilled.

If you fail to meet the requirements with the photos, Don’t lose hope. We’ve got you covered. Here is a detailed discussion about product photography for Amazon that is worth your time and effort.

Requirements for Amazon Product Images

Before we get into the tricks and hacks to capture photos to generate sales on Amazon, it’s necessary to know the required technical specifications the site asks for.

Amazon Product Image Requirements
  • Format: The image files have to be in any one of these formats; TIFF, GIF, PNG, or JPEG.
  • Image Dimension: The image dimension must be 1000 pixels or larger according to height and width preference.
  • Color: Amazon requires the images in CMYK or RGB mode.
  • The Image File Name: The product identifier must be included in the file names.

Standards for Amazon Product Photography

Except for technical requirements, Amazon is strict about its standard of photography. You must meet the standards for getting pictures that Amazon will allow you to upload with your product description.

Amazon product photography
  • The image quality must be professional.
  • The image has to be focused.
  • A combination of natural lighting, no blurring, and realistic color is a must in the image.
  • The products must fill 85% of the frame.
  • The image for a book, music, or DVD should fill 100% of the frame.
  • Pure white background with proper natural brightness.

Types of Photos You Must Have

Consumers check all the photos provided by the sellers before they decide to buy a particular product. So, it’s necessary to bring all the key features and instructions together to provide everything a customer needs to know about an image.

Here are a few image types you should include on your Amazon listing:

Types of Photos for Amazon LIsting

Primary Product Photo

A front photo of the product with a digital white background. It is the most important of all the photos, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the “hero image”.

Additional Product Photo

Additional product photos may include close-ups of mentionable features, angles, accessories, packaging, etc.

Amazon Infographics

Here, you can include infographics for different aspects of your product. These visuals help the customer notice the key features faster.

Assembly and Instructions to Use

If your product requires an assembly, add one. It helps you make the customers understand how to use the product or how it is put together. With a small designed image, show the customer how they should assemble the product or use it after unboxing.

Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle images allow you to highlight a feature or demonstrate it. An enhanced lifestyle image can tell and show the story of the product at the same time.

Comparison Image

You can add an image with a comparison chart, pointing out comparative features between two products, only if your product type requires it.

Credibility Enhancing Graphics

You can add an authorized logo with the pictures. It will enhance the acceptance of your product among consumers. Credibility-enhancing graphics can show that the products are certified.

Warranty or Guarantee Image

Sellers can add a warranty or guarantee listing in the image section. It helps the customers with providing confidence and decreases their tension of getting bad products.

Kits You Need to Capture Professional Photographs for Amazon

Kits for amazon photography

A White Paper Roll for The Background

Now that you know the Amazon requirements, you know a completely white background is the first thing needed to capture images. Buy yourself a white paper roll that instantly provides a white, smooth quality background for your products.

Reflectors for Natural light Arrangement

If you have arranged natural light through a window or anything, a reflector comes first. All you need to do is to hold it in the exact place where the sunlight bounces. With reflectors, your natural light arrangement will come up with the maximum output.

Internal Lighting Tool

We are guessing that you will need some internal lighting to cover up the light balance for the images. Get a lighting tool that covers the full framing area. According to the product size, there are some excellent tools available on the market. For small products, a pop-up lightbox or a LED video light kit could be the best solution.


What role does a tripod play in professional photography? We all know the answer, right? In the point above, we are constantly talking about essential tools for a perfect photography experience. But tell me one thing, how many hands do you have? How can you be able to hold things? You got the point. A tripod is an ultimate solution that allows you to stabilize your camera and click crystal clear pictures. Things will be handier with a tripod and the output will be satisfactory.

Arrangements before capturing Pictures

So, till now you know about the technical requirements, the standards you have to maintain, and also the tools you need for getting an incredibly professional Image that you are going to attach with your products on Amazon to generate maximum sales.

Arrangements before capturing Pictures

Now, it’s capturing time.

There is a short guideline on how you’ll arrange things before holding the camera.

Well, it’s easy to guess that you’ve already chosen a window or a place that gets enough daylight. Place a table near the window and, yes, cover it with a white paper roll. Place something heavy on the edges so that the paper rolls don’t move. Look at the background you’ve got. This is the background Amazon requires for their listed products.

The next step is to place the reflector in such places where it grabs the light and reflects it effortlessly. And finally, select a framing area on the table and place a tripod to hold the camera and lights. Set the proper height before you put all the kits on the tripod.

Hold the camera properly focused on your product. You are finally ready to capture some eye-catching images of your products for Amazon.

Time to Capture photos

First, adjust some necessary camera settings before you click. Here are the complete setting adjustment to drive you to the right destination

Amazon Photo capturing time
  • Once you are all set with the arrangements, place the product in the middle of your background, and get ready to take pictures.
  • Take the camera and adjust your camera settings in manual focus. Manual focus will allow you to focus on your subject line.
  • Select the shutter speed now. At low shutter speed, shaking your camera results in a blurry picture. Unlike low shutter speed, a higher shutter speed can capture the subject sharply. Pick a higher speed here.
  • Have your aperture set between F1.4 and F5.6
  • Now adjust the zoom, It mostly depends on how far you’re taking the picture from.
  • Set the focus point, pay complete attention when you are focusing the camera on products. Click on your first image now and keep taking photos.

Take Multiple Shots and Choose the Best Picture

Don’t ever take only one picture for each angle. You have to take multiple shots from every angle of the product so that the consumers can see every detail of each item. Don’t rush while capturing. Be stable. Put time and effort into each and every click. You must give some extra preference to the features that all the customers want to see first.

Choosing  the Best Picture

Now you’ve got the pictures. It’s time to pick the best ones taken from each angle. To get more buyers, you must include one photo for every angle of your product. All the details have to be included in the form of images. Generating sales mostly depends on how much you fulfill the consumers’ needs.

Following the instructions mentioned here will lead you to more sales in a short time. Make sure their needs are fulfilled with the images you are providing with the product description.

Touch up and Picture Editing

You surely know that the goal of your product photos is to visually attract buyers. Amazon wants its potential customers to visually understand the product details. For this, you have to keep the image realistic while at the same time modifying the size, brightness, white balance, exposure, contrast, sharpness, and some other specific things.

Here is presenting a list of the editing steps you have to go through:

  1. Crop the pictures with the goal of drawing attention to the subject line.
  2. Amazon requires a 1000 pixel or larger picture. Resize the pictures according to their terms.
  3. Make sure the images are not blurry at all. Sharpen the edges and all the portions of the images that need sharpening.
  4. For smooth images, do a little noise reduction.
  5. Simultaneously, an appropriate white balance setting is required to capture a larger audience.
  6. Setting a little higher contrast level will make the picture punchy.
  7. Set the level of exposure. Lowering exposure is a good idea indeed. A low exposure level can enable the pictures to be more detailed.
  8. Adjust the colors.

Once you’ve achieved the desired quality in your captured images, they are ready to be uploaded with your product. Keep faith in your own product photography for Amazon, and wait for the results.

No one can edit images like professionals who know exactly what to do. Professionals can save your time and come up with some of the best photos for your product.

Thus, you’re going to be surprised with the consumers’ engagement and increasing sales rate of your products on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

There you go. Be a little more enthusiastic about your photography. Following the guidelines may feel tiring for the first time. But once you get the output of your efforts, you will be amazed. And I’m quite sure now it doesn’t seem impossible to take high-resolution professional photos yourself with the ordinary camera or mobile phone you have.

A high-quality professional photograph attracts more attention than a detailed product description. According to the marketing strategy, the more people you engage, the more sales you will make. So, pay attention to the picture quality and generate the maximum number of sales in the marketplace.

By following the tips and process of taking pictures given here, you can expect a massive boost in product sales.

Tazim Ul Mulk

Tazim Ul Mulk

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