Image Editing Services: Know the Prices

Image Editing Services: Know the Prices

Your appearance matters the most whether you are a photographer or a business owner. Neither photography nor branding entirely depends on capturing great photos and publishing them straight. Even after getting some mind-blowing clicks, you need to edit them, as clients expect perfect events, eye-catching product photos, and digital branding.

You must look for the best photo editing service provider that will help improve sales diversions with an appealing look. With expertise, quality, and professionalism come prices. Before committing to a project, learn about an editing company’s pricing policy and the probable expenses of outsourcing editing and retouching.

So, let’s see a breakdown of photo editing pricing.

Starting with a short answer of how much to hire an image editing service -depending on the complexity and amount of work required, you can expect to pay $5 to $15 per image.

Know The Price Structure Of Photo Editing

Image editing pricing

Not every editor charges based on the same method. There are three popular methods of pricing that they use according to their business rules and convenience. Let’s get an overview of how much to hire an image editing service.

Hourly Payment

Lots of photo editing companies and individuals charge on an hourly basis. Here, you’ll negotiate a price per hour, and the service provider will charge you for the hours they worked on your project. The most beneficial thing about hourly pricing is that you can ask them to do work at your convenience and modify the project if needed. Although the billing amount is inconsistent, the hourly pay rate gives work freedom to both the client and the company.

Pay as you go

Paying as you go means spending money on what you get in return. This payment method is precise. You’ll give the service provider an accurate idea of your needs; they will respond with a price quote.You may then pay per project or per photo. This type of billing does not surprise you with unexpected numbers. Paying for work is very transparent, and you can easily scale your budget based on work needs. However, keeping track of the project or repeated billing may get bothersome. Pay as you go is more applicable for smaller projects.

Monthly subscription

If you are already established in business or photography and always have a constant workflow, then the best choice would be to go for a monthly subscription. There’s no limit to your work needs, project size, or the number of photos. The service provider will work in partnership with you, and you will pay them monthly. Here, you know how much you will pay them every month and, also, you will not need to place an order for every project. Speaking of drawbacks, you may face some flexibility issues. Also, you have to pay the same amount of charge regardless of whether you use their service to the fullest or not.

On which aspects do editors calculate the charges for photo editing?


While you’re here to get a general idea of how much we should pay for photo editing services, why not take a look at the factors that precede the final service pricing?
Well, here goes nothing! 

The complexity of The Project

While editing images and getting them as beautiful as the market wants may seem simple, it takes a lot of time and effort.

Simple activities like eliminating the backdrop or erasing smudges are much less expensive than more complex jobs like placing the subject in a different background or environment and integrating many photographs.

Image editing Services

Remember the subject of the photograph highly determines the project’s difficulty—and expense. Compared to soft things like cuddly animals, Products with plain forms and firm, unambiguous limits are easier to edit. And yes, more complicated tasks necessitate a larger editing fee.

Level of Expertise

The expertise level necessary to execute the project is certainly the most significant factor to consider when determining how much to charge for photo editing. They will bill you depending on their labor costs, and the more skillful personnel you need, the higher the cost will be. The cost will be minimal if only basic skills are required; however, you may have to pay a higher fee if complex skills are required.

The tools your service provider will use to do picture editing duties are also vital; their choice and application of resources like Stock Photos and Graphic Tablets may affect the photo editing prices.’

Time Required

Time is money; every editor analyzes how much time will be required to finish the given assignment when determining prices. After calculating the time, your editor will determine the right photo editing price for their services. Also, if your job is urgent and you need it completed quickly, expect to pay a rush fee. Make sure the turnaround time matches the day you anticipate receiving your project.

How much does Outsourcing Image Editing Cost?

Look at the image below to get an idea of how much different types and levels of image editing cost. 

Image editing pricing chart

*Prices may vary due to reasons we’ve discussed above, as well as depending on the country or Service Providers you will be working with.*

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does old-school photo editing cost?

Most old photos are faded, torn, unrecognizable, and discolored, necessitating expert restoration. For old photographs, the average cost is $200 per photo.

How much should we expect to pay for photo editing?

Photo editing costs depend on several factors, including the complexity of editing and retouching. On average, the editor’s charge is between $20 and $150, whereas per photo cost will be between $5 to $50.

How much do Photoshop editors charge?

The average price for freelance photo editing services on Upwork or Fiverr is $9 for beginners, $23 for intermediate skills, and $50 for expert photo editors.

How much do freelance photo editors make?

According to data from, a freelance photo editor makes $37,533–$50,125 per year.

Final Thoughts

The necessity of photo editing is undeniable when everyone around you is looking for flawless pictures, whether it is an event photo or product marketing. Since pricing matters when opting for an outsourced photo editing partner, we have tried to give you an overview of how much to hire an image editing service.

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