Ai or Human – Who is Better at Photo Editing?

ai vs human photo editing

Technology is evolving at such a fast pace that it’s hard to keep up. Now when we are using artificial intelligence to edit photos in a short time, the question arises, Can AI perform better than humans in photo editing? Let’s get to the point.

Although AI has some potential, there are some special things that technology just can’t replace. I’m talking about human touch. Only human editors can get into the context. They know the purpose of editing specific images.

Through artificial intelligence, apps can crop, re-color, beautify, even change the expressions of faces in the image, but it’s hard for AI to grasp the photographer’s perspective. So, it’s almost impossible to eradicate the need to edit by hand. AI has brought a revolution in photo editing, in terms of time, but if you prefer quality editing, you’ll have to rely on humans.

In this article, we’ll see a detailed comparison between artificial intelligence and human editing in professional photography.
Let’s get started.

What is Ai Photo Editing?

Artificial Intelligence photo editing is a technology that turns manual photo editing processes into semi-automatic actions. For beginners in photo editing, AI works like magic. It can do the basic editing with just a few clicks.

AI Photo Editing
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With this technology, you can get the results you want with just a few simple clicks. In general, to edit a portrait you might spend a long time manipulating brushes and other tools, but AI photo editing software saves your time and comes up with a satisfying output. This automatic photo editing tool knows the background replacing, color correction, object removal, Enhancing photos, and other editing functions so well that there is no need to program all the actions manually.

Also, using artificial intelligence, you can edit a complete photo album at once. It allows you to avoid uploading each file manually. It can also bypass complicated photo editing parameters that make the process easy for beginners.

Benefits of Ai Photo Editing

Time is money. The main advantage of artificial Intelligence editing over human editing is it saves time. In the editing process, graphic designers spend a long time doing intricate and repetitive activities. All of these procedures allow the editor to use their skill and talents to develop a detail-oriented result.

In sale time, most business organizations deal with lots of photo collections for their existing products where simple photo editing is required. AI photo editing software offers a quick edit for these product images, that effectively results in the best-desired output in a very short time. It takes only a few seconds for each photo which makes AI photo editing a suitable option for large volumes of images.

So, whenever a business owner considers launching a new product, a new client relationship, or launching an eCommerce site with unique photo variations, AI editing software is the best option to edit photos with a simple yet time-consuming editing process.

Besides, if you let artificial intelligence choose the best photos and give them a primary edited look, you’ll be able to avoid human errors in some cases.

Limitations of Ai Photo Editing Softwares

Al photo editing software can do a lot with editing images in a short time, But unfortunately, we’re not yet on that level where we can fully trust artificial intelligence. There are some limitations too. This software completely depends on algorithms and machine learning. So, through complete algorithm-based repetitive activities, you might not expect the perfect outcome.

Here are some drawbacks for AI image editing:

Limitations of AI photo Editing Software's
Limitations of Algorithm

We previously mentioned the software work based on Algorithmic logic, hence simple edits can be done smoothly. But photo editing requires various activities, for some specific and complex procedures, human touch or manual editing is a must.

Lack of Creativity

AI does the work without manual instruction. So, it’s expected that there will be a lack of creativity. Also, you’ll need to check every picture after the edits, but it’s not satisfactory when you don’t know in detail about initial edits.

Possibilities of Bad Edits

There might be some mistakes that you’ll notice when you’ll check each photo by hand. This is not foolproof editing technology. Professional graphic designers can do the whole work manually where AI fails.

Not Understanding the Photographer’s Perspective

AI does everything automatically. Technologies are not yet able to work like a human brain. A Photographer’s motive can not be fulfilled if you only depend on AI software. To understand the photographer’s perspective behind the captures, there is no other alternative for human editors.

Human Editing vs Artificial Intelligence Photo Editing

Actually, we’re still not in that phase where technology will do better photo editing than humans. But it depends on your needs and requirements. AI is completely a technology-based editing service where you’ll get the photos followed by the same logical algorithmic process, on the other side, human editors take time and do all the activity depending on their skills and talent.

Human Editing vs Artificial Intelligence Photo Editing

Here we’ve provided some rational ideas that may help you decide which one to choose:

  • If you need a huge number of photos to be done in a short time and at a cheaper rate, AI can serve you with all these qualities. AI is really good for doing some simple edits like background changing, color correcting, etc. But for more complex procedures human editors are better off to choose.

  • You can use AI to have the primary work done and hand over the photos to professional human editors afterward. This can save you both time and money.

  • At times, you’ll notice AI makes some pictures look artificial. Though you’ll definitely get good results with the software but in most cases avoiding artificialness is a rule.

Go for a human editor to avoid this lacking. They will do the work efficiently in a natural way.

Why is Human Editing better?

Is faster better? Not always. Saving time is undoubtedly a good part of artificial intelligence. But when it comes to creativity and experience, AI doesn’t come close to humans. Artificial intelligence has changed the photo editing process within a very short time, but it can’t replace the human touch.

Human image editing

Still, there are more sectors where the human touch is preferred over artificial intelligence.

  • Following algorithmic logic AI software edit photos all in the same way, on contrary, Human editors can bring variations in results. The end result is unique and has a touch of expertise.

  • Human editors can customize the photos according to their purpose, often applying the knowledge of contemporary trends.

  • Human editing may take time, but the editors can come up with the high-quality output. Sometimes, AI makes mistakes, and fixing them is a hassle. But editing by hand is always the best option if you can manage enough time.

Also, there are professional editors for you. Whenever you are running out of time, Hire a professional photo editor and get the best images for your business.

Final thoughts

As I said previously in this article, nothing can replicate human editing in the photography industry. AI-based editing software is sophisticated with algorithmic logic, but the most important thing before editing is analyzing the images and deciding how to treat them.

Here, we’ll suggest you not to depend on AI for photo editing wholly. You can think of using this software for primary-level edits and doing the rest yourself afterward. This can save you almost half the time. In this on-demand photo editing craze, professional photo editors are using the latest AI tools and manual techniques to ensure quality and consistency in their work.

Photo editing experts and professionals can achieve outstanding results using their knowledge, skills, and talent. Where AI is still in a learning process, the photo editors know better where to use the AI tools and where the work needs to be done by hand.

So, after all the discussion, it’s needless to say, for professional photography, nothing is better than humans.

Tazim Ul Mulk

Tazim Ul Mulk

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