How Much Do Wedding Photographers Make and Tips for Increasing Their Income


Taking photographs at weddings is a global norm. Demand for wedding photographers is on the rise. If you’re planning to take a shot at wedding photography and are wondering how much wedding photographers make, here’s an article that can help.

How Much Do Wedding Photographers Make?

When people ask ‘how much do wedding photographers make?’ they actually want to know whether their earnings are enough for living comfortably.

Wedding Photographers Income

According to some surveys, wedding photographers earn between $40,000 and 60,000 per year. This is much more than the annual salary of a general photographer, which is closer to $35,000 per year. Almost 10% of wedding photographers earn more than $62,000 per year. But if you get fame once in the wedding photography field, you can earn more.

Average Wedding Photographer Salary

For wedding photographers, there is a scale for their average salary. But, it varies from state to state. According to ZipRecruiter, the annual average salary in Massachusetts is around $112,748; in New York, the annual salary is $104,927; in California, the yearly salary is $96,097, and so on.

Average Wedding Photographer Salary

If it differs, the salary range is quite good to live a happy life. In Facebook groups, YouTube videos, or podcasts, you may get an idea of wedding photographers’ earnings which is “$10,000 a month solely on prints” or “$300,000 a year.”

How to Increase Your Income From Wedding Photography?

Develop A Brand for Wedding Photography

Developing a brand for your wedding photography business is an important step in standing out and gaining a reputation as a professional wedding photographer. To gain trust from your client and ensure that your brand identity emanates professionalism and seems premium, you have to develop a brand. Your brand consists of your company’s name, logo, and all visual aspects. You have to maintain consistency in the core features of your brand identity across your business cards, brochures, sales collateral, and website.

Understand The Complexities of The Wedding Photography Industry

In order to increase your income as a wedding photographer, you have to understand the complexities of the wedding photography industry. By understanding the complexities of the industry, you can easily tackle them. You have to understand who your competitors are. It is better to know the level of your competitors and how much they charge as professional photographers. After understanding everything, direct your business to increase your income.

Focus on Building Your Portfolio

It will take a lot of background work and preparation to get your first honest customer hired, who will pay you as a professional wedding photographer. You should begin by taking on wedding photography tasks at highly competitive prices to establish your portfolio. Make sure that the weddings you pick to photograph are high-end affairs and that your end product is well-orchestrated- so that you can create high-quality portfolio photographs.

Take Care of The Paperwork

Focus on paper work

Another thing to keep in mind is to defend oneself. Contracts and agreements are required for both you and your customers. A contract that details the exact nature of the services and deliverables you will provide to the client and the price you will charge. It can reduce unnecessary uncertainty and resentment at the end of the project. For both parties, the contract should explicitly specify what is and is not included in the scope of employment. Clients routinely request additional time or deliverables. Make sure to mention the prices for any extras in the contract.

Create A Banger Portfolio Website

A Banger Portfolio Website

One of the most important aspects of being a professional wedding photographer is having a nice wedding portfolio website. Today, not having a website indicates almost no business for a creative worker. Sharing your most excellent photographs on your website allows potential clients to view your wedding photography business work easily. It is necessary to make it simple for site visitors to contact you. Maintain a clean and straightforward wedding portfolio website. Nobody has time to cope with complex websites.

Use Social Media to Reach The People

Use Social Media to Reach The People

For most creative workers, not just photographers, social networking is vital for marketing. This also shows how competitive the market is. You can use social media to reach people by posting your best works. People will see your work and come to you for wedding photography. In this way, you can also earn fame. You can start a channel on YouTube. By uploading videos about wedding photography, you can start to increase your income.

Organize Workshops for Other Photographers

You can increase your earnings by organizing workshops for other photographers who want to learn wedding photography. You can charge a fee, and you can learn new things. You should arrange workshops on a weekly or monthly basis.

Publish Your Art in Wedding Magazines and Blogs

Various wedding magazines and websites feature some of the industry’s top professionals. These publications always have several options for brides to consider, whether it’s a designer bridal gown or a wedding venue. Wedding publications are also a valuable resource for fashion designers, makeup artists, photographers, and other wedding professionals.

Collaborate with Other Photographers

Collaboration with other photographers from different genres is another approach to using social media to boost exposure for a wedding photographer. Wedding photographers frequently collaborate with boudoir photographers, as both are available for wedding packages. As corny as it may sound, request that they tag you in all behind-the-scenes photos.

Create A Community

Starting a business requires networking. Create a network; connect with individuals online and offline. Encourage and compensate people who refer new customers to you. Your supporters will help your firm grow.

Tools That You Will Need for Wedding Photography

Tools That You Will Need for Wedding Photography

  • Prime Lenses.
  • Stand for camera
  • Speedlight.
  • A good camera
  • External Hard Drive
  • Memory Cards (and Memory Card Holders)
  • Reflector
  • Polarizing and ND Filters
  • Carrying Gear

Expenses That You Have to Include for Wedding Photography

  • A Second photographer
  • An Assistant
  • Good Camera
  • Print products, including albums, prints, and anything else included in your packages
  • Film supply and developing expenses if you use film
  • Post-processing fees if you are sending your film out to get developed or having an editor edit your images
  • Album-design fees if you have someone design your albums
  • Expenses of travel
  • Include the Tax

Final Note

A planned approach to wedding photography can help you improve the level of service you provide, as well as help establish yourself as a premium wedding photographer. Make sure to set goals and work up to them to create a sustainable income stream from Wedding Photography.

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