How does 360° Photo Editing Impact Your Business?

360 Product Photos

360° photography is a marketing tool with great potential for businesses. If utilized properly it can work wonders for industries like tourism, real estate, and retail. A 360° image of a house has more chances to draw in a customer in comparison with still images of it.

According to experts, any tool that offers more information to an audience and simplifies it has great prospects. 360-degree images can be highly informative and representative – making it a truly useful innovation for today’s marketers.

360° Photos Editing

360° Photo Editing

Since people are more inclined to inspect and order online, the demand for 360-degree photos has gone up many folds. Be it real estate, power & hand tools, or dresses – marketplaces today are full of 360° Photos.

That being said, there are a handful of ways to create 360 degree images. One of the most cost effective ways is 360 degree photo stitching. Through this service, expert designers stitch photos of a certain product (taken from different angles) to produce a 360° image.

This is highly intensive work that requires dynamic editing expertise and innovative thinking. This is one of the reasons why online tools don’t always cut it.

360° cameras or turntables are an additional expense that many SMEs can’t always bear. Rather they use their old product photos along with a few additional shots (if necessary) and run it by the 360° photo stitching services – in order to transform them into 360-degree images.

By outsourcing the editing job, they are able to save substantial time and money on the process.

Impact on Businesses

With the recent pandemic situation, retail businesses alongside many others have faced great difficulties in showcasing their products to their potential clients. In some industries, flat images just don’t cut it.

One such example is the Shoes and Apparel industry. Through 360° panoramic images of the products, the consumers are able to inspect the product from top to bottom, stitch to stitch – almost like they’re handling the product in reality. Needless to say, the use of 360-degree photos has revolutionized today’s marketplace.

Here’s a few ways 360° Photo Editing impact your Business.

More Sales

It has been found in recent market studies, that 360° images boost the saleability of a product. People basically want to touch, feel, observe and inspect an item as best as they can, before they move on to its a purchase. Still, images lack this ability and that is the key reason customers spend hours browsing through items while remaining confused about whether to checkout. That being said, 360-degree panoramic photos provide customers with intricate details of the products, making it easier for them to order your product.

Better Exposure

Search Engines generally attribute a higher value to pages containing 360° photos and videos as these provide detailed information to viewers.

On the other hand, sharing 360-degree photos of your business on Google Street View and Google my Business allows people to view the interior and exterior of your business in a panoramic view. This increases the visibility of your business on Google SERPs.

As a result, your business receives higher rankings on search engine result pages.

Improves Customer Experience

Today’s consumer likes to stay updated and aware about products; They like to inspect and educate themselves about a product before they move on to purchases. 360-degree photos allow customers to examine a product from top to bottom – thus making the process fairly transparent. In turn, this makes the journey much user friendly and helps build a good brand reputation.

Competitive Advantage

Being able to use 360 degree photographs on your social media and websites clearly sets you apart from your competition. Given that you include 360° photographs and virtual tours on your website, people are able to view your products and services in a much clearer and concise way. Say, for example, you provide a dryer vent cleaning service and have provided a virtual tour of different dryer vents and the cleaning processes. This provides your customer with a good visual representation of the service, which is much more descriptive in contrast to words and still images. This makes a great impression on your consumers and makes your brand stand out.

More Credibility

When you upload 360° photos of your products and location, you are being transparent. Customers highly appreciate such values in brands. It goes to show that your brand is not concerned about reeling in customers at the cost of forging details. You show them exactly what you have so they can decide whether they want in or not. This builds credibility for your brand. 

Future Proof your Business

Shopping habits change drastically. We’ve moved on from the traditional marketplaces onto Ecommerce. Be it food, pet care, men’s care, or tools, we now locate, examine and order our products from our handheld devices, browsing through eStores. With the advent of 360-degree photo technology and VR tools – still, images depicting products are taking the backseat. Needless to say, incorporating 360° photos in your social media channels and your website is a good way to future-proof your business.


In today’s world, technology evolves so rapidly that it is often seen to come and go in the blink of an eye. However, a certain technology does stick around given that it is efficient, unmatched and is open for further development. One such tool is 360° photography.

With more and more people turning to the internet for their needs, 360-degree panoramic photographs have great potential, slowly replacing its earlier counterpart – still images. As a result, online marketplaces are gradually picking up the technology. It may as well be considered the future of product photography. That being said, it’s probably a good idea to pick up the use of such an innovative tool and stay ahead of your competitors as soon as you can. It’s time for an upgrade.

Tazim Ul Mulk

Tazim Ul Mulk

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