Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we got answers. Here are a few frequently asked questions for newer clients and customers.

For the most part the experts at Clipping Path Campus use Adobe® Photoshop Creative Suite 3 as a part of Adobe® Creative Cloud. Most of the editing is done using Adobe® Photoshop with the addition of other supporting software from the Creative Cloud that we use to create detailed edited images for our clients.

Your work order can contain as many images as you need processed. We have received fewer than 2 and sometimes even over 1000 images from a single client but our service statement offers our full support and cooperation no matter how big or small the work order may be. There are absolutely no limitations but if you provide a higher number of images, you can expect the proportional increment of the time we need to process the work.

We follow standard payment methods to make sure they will be compatible with every client which is why we accept transactions from Paypal. Our payment period is monthly, which means all the work we complete within a month’s period will have to be paid by the end of each month no matter the volume of work.

All the editing work we process at Clipping Path Campus are done manually on Adobe® Photoshop. We make sure everything is done by hand to ensure quality and customization. We do not rely on any AI editing service especially because AI can miss out on a lot of detailing which we promise to each of our esteemed clients.

We assure you that the output will be done as per your instructions but in the case of a work that has failed to satisfy you, whether it is a test job or a work order of multiple images (could be hundreds), we will provide you free rework upon receiving your feedback. Our graphic designers are more than enthusiastic to receive your feedback and we love having opportunities to improve ourselves. As for our image rework, we will not charge anything since it was our carelessness or inexperience and we humbly request you to allow us to learn more with your constant feedback.

File formats might be a topic to stress over, but not for us since we offer you the flexibility to provide us with files of any image format. We commonly receive .jpg, .png, .psd and .tif file formats and we are more than comfortable in receiving image formats of other types but we recommend these formats to preserve the integrity of the pictures. As for receiving, that depends entirely on you since we will provide you with the format you ask us for.

With Clipping Path Campus, you can rest assured all your images are kept with utmost privacy and will not be leaked or used elsewhere as it is what our privacy policy states. We understand the integrity which we need to uphold therefore no such acts are ever carried out. Our employees have all signed legal contracts that lawfully binds them from committing such acts which are otherwise punishable by law. We are very transparent about our processes but we do not disclose a client’s work no matter what as our integrity and legality depends upon it.

We try to use the most convenient and recognized transfer methods that our clients are comfortable with but it stands to reason as to how many images are in question. 

For a large volume of images, we prefer using WeTransfer as it is one of the simplest modes of data transfer and you can send files up to 2 gb. 

We also use dropbox as our primary transfer method as it is very easy to use with unlimited data transfer possibilities. 

We can send and deliver images using Google Drive but we prefer not to, since it often creates issues with permissions to access the uploaded files. 

If the volume of images is very small, we can also receive and deliver the work through email attachments.

Our average turnaround time depends on a lot of factors that may limit us. On average, one of our graphics designers is able to process over 500 images a day depending on the complexity of the editing. We have over a hundred trained experts to process any volume of images throughout the day. Some editing processes such as image retouching or image masking may require a longer time to edit and deliver but that too can be done at a fast pace. At the end of the day, it comes down to you when you want the images to be delivered.

Clipping Path Campus does not hold its clients under obligation to work only with us and neither are there such rules which prevents our clients from using other image editing service providers while working with us. Therefore, you can use us as a backup option even if you’re signed in with another image editing firm and you will receive the same treatment our own clients receive.

At Clipping Path Campus, we have more than a hundred trained experts working for us on a full time basis. We can assign multiple graphics designers to your work to speed up the editing process substantially but we prefer not to. It is an obvious fact that each graphics designer has their own accent of work and their own personal touch which others might not possess. To maintain the consistency of the output, we prefer using a single graphics designer for each work order as it is also easier to track back to the editor who edited your images in the case of rework or feedback.