Most Famous Macro Photographers To Follow


Macro photography transports you to another dimension and lets you experience all those little details of those mini objects or living beings.

Would you wish to learn more about such microcosms? Let’s delve into macro photography and the experts in this sector.

What Is Macro Photography?

Macro photography is the process of shooting small objects up close in order to make them look much larger than they are. Its subjects might include everything from flowers to insects to little details of larger items.

Macros may also refer to inanimate objects such as snowflakes, water drops, or jewelry. Although macro photography may need special equipment such as macro lenses or microscopes, many photographers do it using their smartphones.

Famous Macro Photographers

Here are the 10 most famous and influential macro photographers in the world for you to follow.

#1 Thomas Shahan

Thomas Shahan is an American photographer and artist who specializes in macro photography. To be a great macro photographer, he says you need to analyze the behavior of insects and take many photos. Thomas Shahan prefers to shoot his elements of the natural habitat, although he will occasionally bring an arthropod indoors to picture them without harming them or limit their freedom.

#2 Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Vyacheslav Mishchenko’s love of nature and photography has led to him being a skilled and talented macro photographer. He is from Ukraine and when he was ten years old; he began taking his maiden macro pictures. He chose to go back to photography after spending much of his efforts in painting and specializing in macro photography. He pictures all small bugs and insects, but snails are his favorites because of their splendor, unique form, and captivating activity. To preserve their organic activity and make the photos more spectacular, all of the insects are shot in their natural environment.

#3 Shikhei Goh

Shikhei Goh is an Indonesian award-winning photographer who is enthusiastic about photography. As a result, he has experimented with photographing a variety of subjects across the globe, but macro photography has proven to be the most fascinating for him. As a result, Shikhei Goh focuses on macro photography and works hard to click gorgeous and outstanding macro images that showcase the wonders of this incredible planet. After many attempts, criticisms, and investigations, he has reached these incredible achievements. He feels that there are always unexpected things to be discovered in the field of macro photography, which is why he continues to explore them.

#4 Nordin Seruyan

Nordin Seruyan is another renowned Indonesian macro photographer who focuses on taking pictures of little animals that are difficult to notice only with the human eye. His objective is to capture the breathtaking beauty of the little species that exist all around us but are rarely shot. His love of photography and the existence of little animals inspires him to create stunning macro images.

#5 Jacky Parker

Jacky Parker is among the world’s greatest and most inventive nature and floral photographers. She began photographing the 10 most popular flowers in 2005. and has since won several accolades for her amazing photography. The British photographer’s pictures are truly stunning – owing to her one-of-a-kind technique that elevates ordinary flowers to something quite extraordinary. Take a peek at Jacky Parker’s innovative work if you’re interested in learning more about taking macro pictures of flowers.

#6 Danny Perez

Danny Perez is an American filmmaker and musician in addition to being a macro photographer. Through his pictures, he concentrates on capturing the bright hues of life. He feels that macro photography helps him to learn so much about a powerful and beautiful component of creation that is rarely recorded and addressed. As a result, he takes macro pictures of those incredible animals in order to learn more about them and their native environment.

#7 Alberto Ghizzi Panizza

Alberto Ghizzi Panizza is an Italian photographer who became fascinated after visiting the ancient Egyptian sites in 1997 and studied photography. His love for traveling, adventure, wildlife, insects, and animals has enabled him to take imaginative photos similar to those taken by great equestrian photographers. He focuses on clicking nature, landscapes, and macro shots. In his photographs, he concentrates on capturing the beauty of the natural world and the mysteries that may be discovered on our globe. His innovative work has been featured in a number of photography publications, tabloids & newspapers, allowing it to swiftly reach a wide audience.

#8 Carlo Galliani

Carlo Galliani is an Italian photographer who focuses on nature, landscapes, macro, and wildlife photography. He concentrates on photographing all-natural elements without neglecting anything. He notices everything lovely in the world, from the tiniest creatures that are tough to see to the massive landscapes with their pristine beauty, all of which are attempting to convey the majesty of the environment.

#9 Jamie Price

Jamie Price, originally a writer in the UK, is also a macro, portrait, and product photographer. He is located in Leicestershire and spends a lot of time shooting at home. He has the ability to make even the most terrifying creatures appear so gorgeous that the spectator forgets that they are scary. Not just live animals but small things, fruits, flowers, and seeds are found among his macro pictures.

#10 Patty Hankins

Patty Hankins is an American artistic flower photographer with a lot of experience. Her photography focuses on capturing the incredible wonders of nature. She devotes most of her time wandering from one flower garden or park to the next in search of a beautiful flower to shoot. She doesn’t intend to damage flowers or plants for the sake of capturing them; instead, she leaves them unharmed so that others might appreciate their magnificence. Patty Hankins not only shoots flowers in natural parks but also shoots some of them in her studio, which allows her to focus on nuances that are difficult to see outside the professional studio.


Macro photography includes a vast range of subject material and techniques, and each of the photographers on this list has carved out a niche for themselves in this field. Most of them are ranked in the described order after much scrutiny of their work & ranks in unique achievements; their follower counts; and other references via google search. They’ve selected their favorite topics to capture and created their own photographic taste, which they display on their meticulously curated profiles. Make sure to follow all these incredible photographers on their respective websites, social media pages, or accounts to see more of their incredible work.

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