How Should I Choose the Color for My Product Background

Choose the Color for My Product Background

Product photography is in no way a straightforward ordeal, and there are countless factors to consider before you settle on the perfect result. Take, for example, the product photo background color, the reason you are reading this.

You’re probably looking to find a good background color for your product image, and perhaps you also wish to know how you can make your pick that will have the highest desired impact, and yield the most sales with the aesthetic appeal of the right color. Luckily, we have you covered!

Color for Product Background

Colors and How They Impact the Product Image

We all know colors have a specific impact on prospects viewing your product image, which is why you are here, tirelessly seeking to find a good background image for your product. Let’s get into a bit of detail and discuss colors and their impact.

Through proper research, and tips from professionals, here are the effects that colors can have, and a few suggestions for colors and how they sway the judgment of prospects.

Colors and How they Impact the Product Image

Neutral Colors for Versatility

If you’re looking for the safest pick, and simply want to put your product on the center stage for the perfect focus, you can pick neutral colors. White, beige, and gray are among the most widely used neutral colors. Using these colors allows prospects to move their eyes directly to your product without being too distracted by striking colors. If your product image has striking colors, intricate details, or aesthetics that are considerably minimalistic, your pick should always be neutral colors.

Contrasting Colors for Impact

If you’ve heeded our earlier points, we mentioned how knowing the nature of your product helps you determine the background color, but the color of your product itself can govern the need for certain background colors. Contrasting colors allow your product to stand out if it has neutral or cooler colors that bring out a sense of serenity such as blue or green. To truly make an impact with your product images, you could choose colors such as yellow or green with high contrast to give your product the spotlight.

Harmonious Colors for Cohesion

Selecting a good background color for your product image will require you to think deeply about the effect you’d want them to have. To bring in a sense of harmony and unity, you will need to select a background color that goes with your product color. Having a color that compliments and vibes with the product color will do the trick just fine. This is a tested method that evokes feelings of peace and completeness in anyone viewing them.

Mood and Emotional Response

Coming down to the main issue at hand, colors and the effect they have on those viewing them is a subject that needs to be known before you settle on a certain color.

Color for  Product Background

You will need to know the intended use of your product. Know whether it is something meant to calm down and relax or is it something that has to do with heavy activity resulting in excitement and energy. Knowing you can use warm colors for excitement, and cooler colors for calmness will help you go a long way.

Let’s analyze each color and break down the effect they have individually

Blue: Being a cool color, blue exhibits a sense of calmness, tranquility, and peace. If your product corresponds with technology, health, or cleanliness, you might settle for a blueish background.

Red: This warm color portrays the energy and passion in your product. The red background is often used for products that are related to food, sports, or certain types of clothing.

Green: This versatile color symbolizes nature, freshness, and growth. If the products are related to health, wellness, or environmentally friendly goods, you’re good to go with shades of green.

Yellow: Mostly depicting positivity, happiness, and optimism, yellow is best suited for products that evoke a cheerful or vibrant feel, often used for children’s toys or summer-related items that embody happiness.

Black: Being a very strong color of choice, black embodies elegance and luxury. It is frequently used to enhance the perceived value of high-end products such as jewelry or high-fashion items.

Pink: Usually symbolizing femininity, gentleness, and romance, pink is often used for products targeting a predominantly female audience or items related to beauty and self-care.

Color for Product Background


Equipped with the knowledge of which background color for your product is bound to make the biggest impact, we are sure your passion for professional photography will take new turns, and open new doors of perception. Once you understand colors and their effects, you will never need to scour the web for preset background images.

Photographers are reliable and resourceful individuals, making use of the best backdrops, or backgrounds that will take their images to artistic echelons. Keep learning new skills, and growing your passion for photography, and allow the world to see through your lens as you would have it.

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