Top 10 Product Photographers in Europe


As people are slowly moving away from physical marketplaces, they rely on product imagery to drive them towards buying a product. Think of it this way. You’ve just had lunch and are browsing through social media. You come across a nifty watch. Before you know it, you’re lost in some online marketplace, adding things to a cart and contemplating future purchases. This happens to a lot of us. And that, essentially, is the power of great product photography.

Top-tier product photography requires an image to be highly detailed and appealing. High-quality images of products let you visualize, taste, touch, feel and experience the product in your mind. As abstract as it may seem, these are important factors for a Customer in deciding whether they’ll purchase a product or not.

Here’s a list of the top 10 photographers in Europe

Daniel Horvath, Hungary

Daniel Horvath is a native Hungarian specializing in Product, Architecture, Still Life, Food & Drink, and Brand Photography. In the year 2000, he graduated with a Master in Arts in Visual Communication Design with a Photography Major from Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design (MOME). Since then he started his journey as a freelance photo designer. He worked as a studio manager and guest photographer in Auckland, New Zealand.

Horvath’s clients consist of bigshot brands and advertising agencies in Hungary. His studio is situated in downtown Budapest. Daniel is best known for highly precise photography alongside his digital expertise.

Jonathan Knowles, London

Based in London, Knowles is an award-winning advertisement photographer and filmmaker. He is an expert in liquids, food & drinks, and still life photography. He is known to have created awe-inspiring campaigns for multiple global brands.

Jonathan took up photography when he was 16 years old and his first paid job rolled in just a year after.

He is an innovator in liquids and drinks photography and has greatly influenced the discipline of advertising imagery. His work can be seen across various ad campaigns in TV, posters print, and the digital sector.

Tim Wallace, UK

Tim started his journey when he was only 11. Soon he had developed a nag for both shooting and light, as well as developing and printing. By 16, he joined the darkroom of The Western Morning News newspaper and went on to become the youngest Darkroom Manager in the Daily Mail Northcliffe Group.

Wallace is now over 50 years old, having achieved numerous awards like Commercial photographer of the Year 2021 at the British Photography Awards, Best Creative Business Awards, etc. Tim Wallace is the creative mastermind behind the Commercial Photography Company AmbientLife which he had launched back in 2007.

Vera Change, UK

Change is a UK-based Beauty and Cosmetics photographer. Having finished her MA in Journalism from Catholic University in Ruzomberok, she moved to the UK from her birthplace Slovakia to pursue a strong career in Commercial Photography.

Vera worked as a photographer for a modeling agency in Slovakia during the years between 2009-2013. Here she picked up her knack for fashion photography. With over 12 years of expertise, she produces exquisite results. Her rich sense of branding, creative direction, and set design add to the visually pleasing commercial work that she delivers to her clients.

Andrew Hoyle, Edinburgh

Andrew Lanxon Hoyle is a photojournalist living in Edinburgh. After graduating from the University of Lincoln as a Psychology major, Andrew explored commercial and non-commercial artforms like writing for fashion brands, writing and producing music, and photojournalism.

He is now the Senior Editor for CNET, the world’s largest technology publication, where he proactively sources, shoots and produces in-depth photo features for CNET’s print and online publications.

Marius Liutkevičius, UK

Liutkevicius is well known for his innovative visual style and techniques in developing creative advertisements for various online and offline platforms.

Marius is a self-driven content specialist leading in 3D, audio & video production and creating and implementing a wide range of visual solutions for different brands. He specializes in architectural, advertisement, product and lifestyle photography.

Marius was shortlisted for British Photography Awards in 2020 under the category of Commercial/Product Photography and won the Royal Signals Photography Competition in 2020.

Ian Knaggs, Leicester

Ian Knaggs is an award-winning photographer based in Leicester, UK. After finishing his graduation in BSc Aeronautical Engineering, he developed a taste for still life photography. In the year 2011, he received Photographer of the Year award in Practical Photography Magazine. He received other prestigious photography awards listed in the Guild of Professional Photographers in 2017 & 2018.

Knaggs runs his own photography business, comprising a small team. Since his early days of work he has worked with various international and local brands. He is now passing on his legacy through the agency he runs to satisfy the field of commercial product photography

Matthew Seed, UK

With over 30 years of experience, Matthew Seed is a prolific fashion, product and advertising photographer. Seed has an impressive clientele consisting of brands like Pepsi, JD Sports, Lacoste, Reebok, Foot Asylum, and BBC among many others.

Matthew teaches lighting and photography masterclasses for college, university and private students across the UK. Attributing to his consistently high standard work and his command over technical photo lighting, he is considered as one of the best commercial photographers in the UK.

Jessica Perkins, England

Jessican Perkins started her journey as a photographer back in 2004 as a portrait photographer, working for JCPenny Portrait Studios, USA. In 2012, she moved to England, where she started her own project – JP Professional Photography.

Since then, she has produced fantastic work in the fields of Commercial, Food, Product and Property related photography. Her additional knowledge and experience as a marketer allows her to tell brand stories in fun and unique ways that are highly relevant to the brand. She is one of the master freelancing photographers in the UK who specializes in many facets of the photography trade.

Andrea Pilia, Italy

Andrea Pilia was born in Rome and has lived there ever since. After studying Mathematics & Computer Science at the University of Strasbourg, he decided to try his luck in photography.
He then completed a 3 year photography course at ISFCI and co-founded AnotherStudio, a photo studio comprising 9 other photographers.

Andrea worked as an Interiors Photographer, where he picked up the aesthetics of product photography. Briefly, after he worked as an Editorial Photographer for a prominent magazine in Italy named Platinum. Pilia has been practicing Commercial Photography for quite some time and entertains work from clients.


We’ve based our listing on an amalgamation of sources – ranging from British Photography Awards, International Photography Awards, Guild of Professional Photographers down to individual portfolios of photographers based in Europe. Their information has been collected from an equally wide range of sources – from bits and pieces found in their Linkedin Bio to details found in their websites. We hope you find this article relevant and useful.

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