Clipping Path Campus

Let’s get to where it all started and how our services evolved over time to provide the best customer satisfaction.

Surviving and thriving in competition is what makes a true winner and Clipping Path Campus has been in action for over a decade now. We won’t boast our expertise since it is already evident in our finest works and our satisfied clients will gladly back that claim.

We have assembled a team of over a hundred expert graphics designers who process over 3000 images a day. We are offering comprehensive image editing services that include Image Background Removal, Image Cut Out, Clipping Path, Image Masking, Shadow Creation and others. Each picture is post edited manually with attention to detail so you can have the best possible output.

Experienced in Serving Renowned International Clients

Since the start our primary focus was to provide excellent image editing services no matter where the client might be. Over the years, we have been calibrated and conditioned to provide editing styles that suit international standards. We are experienced at working with renowned clients requiring 3000+ images a day and we have always delivered with time to spare.

Our existing clients include renowned photographers, retail stores, e-commerce brands, agencies, catalog companies, web design houses, printing & prepress companies, sport-clothing companies and many more!

Experienced in Serving Renowned International Clients
But the age old question arises

Why would you choose us with all the available alternatives?

The Gold Standard of Services We Uphold

Clipping Path Campus is dedicated to provide image editing services that are unparalleled. Our policy is to uphold the gold standard for excellent services besides the skills we possess.

Attention to detail

Our trained and experienced professionals put in hours of work to edit images to make sure they reach their peak perfection with attention to detail. No matter the difficulty of the job, we make sure each individual has a high output by the end of the day.

Delivery on Time

Even with the amount of time and effort invested to produce perfect results, we never fall behind schedule. We always manage and maintain our time effectively to make sure you get the delivery before the deadline.


Competitive and fair pricing

With such high promises you might expect a high price but we can assure you our rates are affordable and reasonable. Moreover, we will charge you on a monthly basis and at the end of each month you will receive an invoice for the work completed within that month.

Round the clock customer support

Once you have signed up with us, you are entitled to receive endless support from our experts at all times. We will be here to answer every question you have with keen intent.

Focused on Client Satisfaction

Besides our free trial, we guarantee client satisfaction with our unlimited and free review services where we edit your images over and over again until they are exactly what you’ve wanted.

Our Features

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Top notch support

Flexible payment

Quick time

Quality 100%

Competitive pricing

Cost efficient

Dedicated experts

Massive capacity

Secured data

Services our clients loved

Clipping Path campus has brought in exclusive services for clients who are always looking for the best results from us which we deliver on a regular basis. Our testimonials speak for us when we say, our clients love our services and they love the result we give them. But most of all, our clients revere the quality of the output we provide which is a result of a combination of photo editing techniques that bring out the best element in the picture.
Our Capabilities

Our most deliverable

Clipping Path 100%
Photo Masking 98%
Neck Joint 95%
Image Retouching 100%
Meet our experts who work tirelessly to bring you vibrant images that will leave everyone in awe.

Our Expert Team Members

Our Expert Team Members