7 Different Product Photography – Which One’s For You?

Types of Product Photography

As visuals take over our sensory world, photographs have become an unspoken part of our lives. We see product photography wherever we look. It is up on the billboards, slips in between the videos you watch, and on websites, brochures, and in magazines.

You’ll need to use the right images at the right time and at the right place to reel in your buyers. This you can easily achieve once you start experimenting with different styles of product photography.

Each product photography style is unique in itself. We’ll talk about 7 product photography styles that you can implement in your everyday marketing.

The White Background Shot

There’s a perfectly good reason why white background product shots are the most common form of photography.

The white background creates an illusion of the product floating on the background. This creates a 3D outlook of your products, making them appear more real.

White background shots are commonly found in e-commerce sites & product catalogs.

The Studio Template

For brands that sell a multitude of products, each different in shape, size, and color – it is essential to have a pre-set studio that comes along with a light setup.

The Studio Template

The idea is to keep a static studio setup for products swooping in and out of shoots.

Start small, using minimal product photography lighting and a white backdrop for your generic product shots.

Clear product images are the closest your audience can get to examine the product online, and the studio helps you prepare for that!

Flat Lays

Flat lays are just what it sounds like. You lay your products and props down on a flat surface and click an image from the top.

Flat lays are a great option for showcasing products or lifestyles. Although common and seemingly easy, it can be hard to master.

Flat Lays

Pursue a color theme through your products, props & backdrop. If you’re looking to add depth to your photos, add textures to your photos. Common examples are wooden, metal, or stone surfaces.

Naturally, featuring someone’s hands in the photo can add a further layer to the photo, adding an appealing dimension to the photo.

Use Scale in Photography

Use Scale in Photography

It’s usually tough to determine the dimensions of a certain product when shown in an isolated form.

When you create a scale of your product and associate it with another person or object, it makes it easier for the consumer to perceive the look of your product and its uses.

This image helps us visualize what the watch would look like if somebody wore it. Such images are highly desirable by customers.

Collective Product Shots

Collective product shots provide a buyer with multiple options. Whether it’s a collection of watches or women’s makeup, many variations of the same product or product line can be portrayed in a single photo for the ease of your consumers using the group product photography approach.

Lifestyle Product Photography

Clearly, the most visually satisfying and attentive grasping type of product photography, lifestyle images, portray how a product is used in our everyday lives. Ecommerce sites often feature lifestyle images and infographics to showcase their products being used in the environment it was meant for.

 Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle images are highly dynamic resources for your brand that can be used to market your products on websites, social media, and other platforms.

Macro Photography

Macro photography is a must for sellers dealing with small products like jewelry, earpods, and wristwatches.

This type of photography is great for capturing something other photography styles are quite inadequate at – attention to detail.

Macro Photography

Macro photography deals with the extreme close-up of a small product – making it appear bigger than in reality. This brings light to the intricate details of the objects that would otherwise be overlooked in other forms of photography.


It’s important to understand the use case of each type of product photography to harness the power of product photography truly. Learn more about product photography here.

And if you need help with your product photo editing, just drop us a line.

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